Caterpillar reported more than a dozen significant standard feature upgrades to the 7495 Electric Rope Shovels that combine to increase operating efficiency by up to 10%. Component enhancements, increased frame durability and improved serviceability help reduce the cost per ton of material moved by as much as 15%, the company reported.

The list of upgrades include several new parts and technologies.

A new propel gear case offers double the longevity. Adjustments to gearing geometry and advancements in tooth hardening enhance gear case durability and productivity. The result is lower total cost of ownership by as much as $8 per hour, Cat reported.

Updates to the AC electric-drive system deliver greater reliability, improved maintenance access, enhanced safety, and expanded high-altitude and temperature capabilities.

Reconfiguration of the crawler carriage allows drive shaft and tumbler replacement from the outboard side without removing the propel transmission.

HydraCrowd, a new adaptive control system, comes standard and offers up to 25% cost savings on the ACS valve.

An array of technologies can help improve operator performance. Operator Assist comes standard and simplifies operation. Product Link Elite comes standard and transmits critical machine operating data such as utilization, location and condition via cellular or site internet connection. It can be linked with MineStar Fleet. Also available is MineStar Terrain for guidance and MineStar Health for analytics on machine health and operating data.

These upgrades and many more speak to the company’s commitment to meeting customer needs, Cat reported. “Many of these improvements are compatible with shovels in the field, so customers can realize these gains through upgrades to their existing fleets as well as new machine purchases,” said Dan Wyatt, product value stream manager, electric rope shovels, Caterpillar.