Weir Minerals announced the TC84XR, a live-shaft cone crusher with design and control-functionality improvements over the predecessor Trio TC-range models. The crusher is the most reliable and robust live-shaft cone crusher on the market today, the supplier said.

The unit is robust, powerful, and easy to operate, with a low wear rate and lower costs, Weir Minerals reported. It features a large motor and offers higher crushing capacity over similarly sized crushers. It can handle variable speeds, can crush pebbles, and offers a higher potential crushing force and improved production over predecessor models.

The crusher also features a fully automated tramp-release and setting recovery system. The tramp-release hydraulics can also be used to safely clear the crushing chamber should a power outage cause a shutdown.

The socket assembly has been redesigned to improve sealing. The countershaft assembly was redesigned to remove welding and machining, and to improve venting and the dust seal.

The crusher can be fitted with ESCO wear parts and designed with ESCO alloys. The combination transforms an already robust crusher into one that, in the toughest conditions, is unsurpassed, Weir Minerals said.

With a similar weight and dimensions, the TC84XR can replace existing live-shaft-style machines without prompting changes downstream.

The new offering broadens the Trio range, which includes TP pedestal (fixed-shaft) crushers. Offering both TC and TP machines ensures Weir Minerals can offer customers the right technology, the company said. “The combination of our TC and TP series allows us to have an honest conversation with our customers on the options available to them and make a technological recommendation that truly meets their needs,” said Ekkhart Matthies, global application director, Weir Minerals.