Skyhook Tether and Transfer system

PROTO describes its Skyhook Tether and Transfer system as “the next generation of safety technology” for positive control of hand tools at height, in work areas requiring foreign material exclusion (FME) or anywhere simple accidents become costly mistakes. SkyHook, according to the company, provides secure tool transfers, a free range of motion and positive tool control. The system comprises switches, docks, lanyards and carabiners, all designed to make tool control as complete as possible with little interference to tool function. Whether hand-to-hand, person-to-person or person-to-station, the mechanism inside the innovative SkyHook keeps the tool completely secure throughout a transfer. The system’s short lanyard is light, tight and less likely to get caught on nearby equipment or snags than traditional lanyards. A tool attached to a SkyDock is either attached to a hand, a belt, a tool apron, a co-worker, a work truck or a central station. At all points, tools attached to SkyDock can be accounted for from truck to site and back. No tool is left behind.