Custom engineered tank linings for customers with critical containment requirements, those who have experienced leakage, or those concerned about future leaks are available from Missouri, USA-based  Goad Co. The  tank linings are constructed using patent-pending N-Fuze lining technology which features molded corner inserts and machine welds that eliminate gaps often present with hand welds. Utilizing Koroseal flexible PVC sheets, these linings employ RF-welded panels for optimum reliability and the finished tanks incorporate a leak detection system. The linings, according  to the company, can be used on virtually any type of containment, tank or pit and are compatible with coatings or materials such as Belzona, Ceilcote, Flakeline, Heresite, Plasite and epoxies, fiberglass and rubber.  The patented TANKeye leak detection system locates leaks electronically without draining the tank and saves valuable time by eliminating the need for intrusive spark testing.