Eriez reported the CP-20 and TP-25 Suspended Permanent Magnets are delivering cost savings to users who put them upstream of crushers to capture tramp metal.

The CP-20 Series Magnets provide a continuous and uniform magnetic field across a feed belt. The TP-25 Series Magnets use a powerful twin-pole magnetic circuit to provide maximum ferrous removal at higher suspension heights, Eriez reported.

Eriez experts said tracking studies and testimonials reveal the expense of one of the higher-powered permanent magnets is significantly less than the cost of downtime and repairs that result from tramp metal.

The magnets require no power, feature a small installation footprint, and can be used in mobile systems. Self-cleaning and manually cleaned models are offered. The latter include a drawer-type stripper plate and cable sling suspension.

The magnets are offered as part of the company’s Quick Ship program.