Emesent launched upgraded components to its surveying LiDAR package offering. Hovermap ST-X, Long Range Radio, and the Aura software platform provide a versatile combination to scan large areas and complex assets in less time, and to visualize the results in full detail, the company said.

Hovermap ST-X, with upgraded LiDAR sensing technology, has a sensing range of 300 m and improved accuracy. Featuring triple returns and more than a million points per second, it captures detailed, accurate data over a greater area in less time.

Hovermap ST-X can be used for handheld, backpack, or vehicle-mounted scans. The weather-sealed IP65 rated design allows it to be used in wet or dusty conditions.

The Long Range Radio add-on increases the communication range up to 20 times. It is compatible with Hovermap ST. Giving the ability to scan large, complex environments in a single flight while retaining the communication link, the add-on saves operators time in the field, Emesent said.

The Aura platform offers integrated SLAM processing and point cloud visualization. With it, users can view point clouds with more than a billion points at full resolution.