ContiTech-beltContiTech has designed its new Stahlcord Barrier steel cable conveyor belt to provide longer service life in surface mining applications. With robust steel transverse reinforcement in the top cover, the product is two to three times more resistant to impact breaks than conventional steel cord conveyor belts without transverse reinforcement, according to the company.

Stahlcord Barrier has a rubber-surface top cover in which thin steel cords run closely together at right angles to the direction of belt travel. These cords protect steel cords in the belt carcass and prevent impact breaks and longitudinal slitting in the conveyor belt, making the new belt ideal for use as an equipment belt in mining machinery or as a short- to medium-length bench conveyor belt, for example, or in working environments where steel cord conveyor belts have to withstand impacts from coarse stone at multiple loading points. Additional advantages of the new steel cord conveyor belt include outstanding troughability in accordance with ISO 703:2007 and a high-ply adhesion in accordance with ISO 15236. The belt is only 5% heavier than a typical steel cable conveyor belt without transverse reinforcement.