The latest version of MineSight Torque (v. 3.5) offers greater functionality and new utilities for mines looking to streamline drillhole management. Introduced in 2010, MineSight—now a Hexagon AB company—said Torque represents a new generation in drillhole management. The software is fully integrated with other MineSight products for coding, spearing, compositing, interpolation, statistics and display. The new utilities are designed to simplify the drillhole management workflow and are complemented by an added MineSight Torque functionality for compositing existing composite coverage.

Tag Intervals, Tag Mineable and Count Partings will replace older procedures familiar to longtime MineSight users. Tag Intervals are geared toward stratigraphic deposits. This procedure provides a flag to filter out the intervals that are non-representative of a zone (rock type, coal seam) thickness. Tag Mineable will store, in an output attribute, a value of 1 or 0, if an interval or a series of intervals is wide enough to meet the minimum mineable thickness or the minimum separable waste thickness. By choosing from the available options, Tag Mineable uses a “smart tagging” algorithm that can hold on to a decision for a particular interval and accumulate thickness of the following intervals, based on the interval classification. Count Partings will count separable partings in a zone based on a pre-calculated mineable flag (output of Tag Mineable). This information is later interpolated in the block model for loss and dilution calculations.