Flexco says it has developed the mining industry’s first true slide-out cartridge cleaner—the MHS, designed for a variety of applications including underground, surface coal, hard rock, power plant and loadout facilities. The MHS cartridge cleaner can slid out from one side of a conveyor or chute wall for inspection or replacement by a single worker in only a matter of minutes. Service also can be done from one side of the conveyor or chute without special equipment or permits. Flexco says the side slide-out design is safer for workers because it doesn’t require them to crawl underneath the conveyor or be in tight spaces within a chute to remove the cartridges. Blade replacement can be accomplished faster and easier without removing the complete assembly pole or brackets from the chute. Instead, changing the cleaner blades is done by removing a pin, sliding the blade cartridge out through the side and replacing it with a new or rebuilt blade cartridge. This provides maintenance workers with the ability to replace multiple blade cartridges during the same maintenance job. The cartridges can also be easily rebuilt on site. www.flexco.com