Sleipner announced the delivery of the first DB80 and the DB130 units sold. Both models were unveiled in late 2021.

The 8-m-wide DB80 has a maximum payload of 80 metric tons (mt), and can transport dozers up to the Cat D10T and the Komatsu D375. The DB130 is 10 m wide, has a 130-mt payload, and can transport dozers up to the D11T and the D475. Both models feature Sleipner’s patented loading ramps. The models are suitable for narrower roads, the company said.

Both models feature full remote control and telemetry. Machine health data is automatically collected.

The models can be used in all conditions, the company said. “When engineering structures and components, we make sure that they all have a long service life and low life cycle costs, that spare parts are available globally, and that they are easy to service and maintain.”