Atlas-Copco-Scooptram-Side-DumpAtlas Copco has unveiled a side-dump bucket option for the Scooptram line of underground LHD machines. Available on the Scooptram ST7, ST1030 and ST14 models, the side-dump option enables the Scooptram to be used in numerous applications, including rapid tunnel development in mining. The side-dump option, according to the company, can result in quicker cycles as the Scooptram only has to position itself parallel to a truck to empty. Filling the bucket, reversing, positioning, lifting and dumping can all be done in one motion. Lowering the bucket and boom can be accomplished while moving forward to fill the next load. Not only does this equate to more loads being moved in a day, but tire wear and fuel consumption are also reduced. In addition to flexibility and efficiency, the side dump enables the Scooptram to serve multiple trucks and eliminates the need for loading bays or cutouts.