Maestro Digital Mine launched the MaestroLink Server, an on-premise-based monitoring platform that enables control room operators and maintenance teams to monitor and manage devices via smartphone, tablet or computer in real-time.
The platform provides a secure multi-instance web-based interface to monitor and record the health of any Vigilante AQS or Zephyr AQS air quality monitoring station, DustMon PM particulate monitor, and the Plexus PowerNet last-mile underground communication network. Every Maestro digital device provides multi-variable data, but also a complete suite of diagnostic data, the company reported.

Once installed, MaestroLink Server reaches out on the network to find and self-populate the devices and network nodes, and begins to monitor both the data and advanced diagnostics of the devices. The data allows the server to provide in-depth information regarding the device right down to the sensor.

The platform can be either a software solution, or a preconfigured and combined hardware and software solution.