Seequent launched new releases for its mining solutions Leapfrog Geo, resource modelling solution Leapfrog Edge, model management solution Seequent Central and View. Leapfrog Geo 4.5 includes performance improvements designed to smooth day-to-day workflows for users, including informed uploading, simplified editing and exporting, redesigned file structures and intuitive polar nets. Leapfrog Edge added the Variable Orientation tool, which locally reorientates the search and variogram, and features visual search ellipse validation, easy setup and updates. Seequent Central upgraded the web interface and Central Data Room that brings all critical project data into one place, to allow teams to work together from a single source. The Central Data Room allows data from a variety of sources to be uploaded, downloaded and version controlled within the Central Portal. View’s latest updates give teams, stakeholders and decision makers more time-saving ways to collaborate and interact with their data in a browser.
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