Martin Engineering introduced the CleanScrape Secondary Cleaner (CS2), which the company described as a secondary conveyor belt cleaner engineered for challenging applications where traditional designs fail.

The CS2 is effective in conditions where continuous production is a high priority or cleaner service is difficult, including corrosive or high temperature environments, the company reported. The design incorporates a matrix of specially engineered carbide tips and is tensioned lightly to prevent damage to the belt or splices. It can be used with any primary cleaner, but was engineered to be paired with the company’s original CleanScrape Primary Cleaner. The combination has been shown to remove as much as 99% of the carryback in most belt-cleaning applications, the company reported.

CS2 is suitable for conveyor speeds up to 5 meters (m) per second (m/s) on belts with vulcanized splices, and up to 3 m/s on belts with mechanical splices. It can withstand temperatures up to 260°F. It work with any size belt, the company reported.