Sandvik announced the 65-mt TH665B, described as the largest-capacity battery-electric truck for underground mining. The development follows the MINExpo 2021 release of the 50-mt TH550B.

A fully loaded Sandvik TH665B is expected to be up to 30% faster on a 1:7 ramp than a comparable, conventional diesel underground truck, Sandvik said. Each of the four wheels has its own independent drive, resulting in a simpler driveline, improved overall efficiency, and maximum power output. The drivetrain delivers 640 kilowatts (kW) of continuous power, enabling high acceleration and fast ramp speeds.

The central-oscillation frame design results in stability, and front-axle suspension ensures a smooth ride on rough roads, Sandvik said.

The cabin, offering premium operator ergonomics and options, is of the same design as that of the Toro TH663i truck, the company reported. It has joystick steering, a large touchscreen color display and the newest control system, providing easy access to equipment data.

The truck has AutoSwap and AutoConnect for easy battery changeouts. It also features a new battery lifting system. The battery cage design gives improved serviceability relative to previous designs.

A prototype TH665B will be trialed at the Sunrise Dam gold mine to prove its viability in a long ramp application before commercial production commences in late 2023.