Transcube’s line of transportable fuel tanks are U.S. Department of Transportation approved for road transportation and UL 142 certified for safe diesel fuel storage. According to the company, the double-walled tanks provide 110% secondary containment of the inner container’s total capacity to eliminate the risk of spills and contamination. Internally baffled to prevent surge during transport, Transcube tanks can be deployed to remote locations while full and removed from a site with fuel still inside. Models offer capacities of 132, 264, 528 and 792 gallons. To eliminate the risk of accidental spillage, the tanks have no bottom or side exterior outlets of any kind; all fill ports, pumps, fittings and connections are at the top of the tank within the secondary containment area. To prevent theft or tampering, access to fuel and pumping equipment is secured within the unit’s lockable cabinet. Forklift pockets are accessible on all four sides of the tank, while full load lifting eyes on the top corners allow the tank to be lifted, raised or lowered by a crane while full of fuel. Additionally, the rectangular shape of the tanks gives them the ability to be stacked—as many as two high when full and three high when empty—reducing required space for storage and making transportation more economical. Transcube offers several optional pumps and fittings, including electric and manual transfer pumps, engine-powered fuel pumps, aviation fuel systems, filters, supply and return hoses and connections, hose reels, and digital and mechanical flow meter.