Sentry Equipment’s SAL-DBB sampler is a double block and bleed automatic sampling device that uses Isovalve technology, a feature unique to this line of Sentry samplers. Designed specifically for sampling pressurized slurries in severe duty applications, the sampler offers a number of features that include a larger bleed port for better visual verification and reduced bleed port plugging; shorter stroke length; and quarter-turn isolation. The unit can be set to take 8-, 10- or 25-cc samples per cycle, with maximum particle size up to 9 mm, and can be quickly isolated if it becomes necessary to take the unit off line. A transitional sleeve is not required for mounting, resulting in easier installation and alignment, and it adapts to existing SAL adapter flanges, making it easy to install at existing sample points. Options include a range of plungers, seal choices and controls, as well as line adapters and other accessories and several types of sample containers.