Panasonic Solutions’ new Toughbook 31 is touted as the most powerful, fully rugged notebook computer on the market. With an Intel Core i5 or i3 processor, 1,100-nit, 13-1.-in. touchscreen display and certifications beyond MIL-STD-810G and IP65, Panasonic claims the new computer enables superior data access and productivity for any mobile professional working in extreme environments. The Toughbook 31—the sixth generation of Toughbook clamshell notebooks—delivers significant improvements in 3-D graphics and is available with Panasonic’s CircuLumin technology, allowing full-circle viewability from the brightest sunlight to pitch darkness. The laptop offers up to 11 hours of battery life, courtesy of new LED backlighting that reduces power consumption and delivers superior performance in cold weather. The battery also now fully charges up to 47% faster than its predecessor. The Toughbook 31 maintains a platform footprint virtually identical to past models and also supports numerous security features, including options for an insertable SmartCard reader and fingerprint reader, using biometrics to protect critical data.