Roll Mill Offers Higher Capacity While Using Less EnergyTerraSource Global has introduced a high-capacity version of its Gundlach Crushers brand Nanosiz-R roll mill crusher. The new Nanosiz-R 460HC, which provides high-capacity, fine-grinding of friable materials, is built upon Gundlach’s innovative roll mill technology. The model 460HC’s 813-mm (32-in.) diameter rolls are constructed of alloyed iron for high surface hardness. Additional advantages include a smaller footprint compared to other equipment, allowing it to fit in small spaces, and lower capital and energy costs. Multiple roll configurations will be available to meet specific application and crushing needs. The machine can perform bimodal crushing (shear plus compression) of friable materials from 19-mm (0.75-in.) feeds to 3,200-micron (0.125-in.) product at capacities up to 120 metric tons per hour (132 short tons per hour) for material with a bulk density of 1,121 kg/m3 (70 lb/ft3). The first unit sold of this new design will ship in December to a potash company in Utah to replace a competitive brand cage mill at a screening plant.