NORD DRIVESYSTEMS reported their heavy-duty industrial gear units, high-efficiency electric motors, and variable frequency drives are robust, reliable and easy to service.

MAXXDRIVE XD industrial gear units, designed for hoists, feature center distances that are 35% bigger. That allows for a U-shaped drive arrangement, with the cable drum and motor on the same side of the gearbox. The housings are also optimized for downwards forces and include an inspection cover for quick, easy maintenance, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS said.

The gear units have high thermal ratings. They have an optimized ribbed housing for greater heat dissipation and airflow, as well as effective fan cooling from the enhanced axial fan and air guide cover design, the company said.

The OEM’s 90.1 helical bevel gear units, for conveyors, are built from robust, cast-iron UNICASE housings and feature “infinite-life” gearing, minimum backlash, and various shaft, mounting, and bearing options. These gear boxes are available in 11 case sizes, provide torque up to 50,000 N-m, and performance up to 200 kW.

NORD’s electric motors are highly configurable and have brakes, encoders, external cooling fans, thermal protection, and connectivity solutions. The OEM’s NORDAC PRO SK 500E variable frequency drives, compatible with asynchronous and synchronous motors, offer soft starts and stops with high precision. Under fluctuating loads, the current vector control ensures constant speeds.