Image titleSiemens has extended its range of RTUs (remote terminal units) to include the Simatic RTU3030C, a compact and self-sufficient unit that can be used to monitor data points in widely distributed plants without need of a local power supply or a hard-wired communication infrastructure. Users benefit from wireless access to key process data such as level, flow rate, fill height, temperature or pressure from distant measuring points. The RTU works fully independently with a power supply provided by batteries or a solar panel, enabling deployment in applications such as leak detection or for monitoring pumping stations or water storage facilities, or measuring fill levels in tanks and silos. Its robust design enables it to be used under the toughest of ambient conditions (-40 to +70°C). An additional enclosure with a protection rating of IP68 allows reliable operation even under flood conditions. The RTU3030C can be operated in sleep, update, communication and service modes. When in sleep mode, it requires less than 2 milliwatts, allowing reliable operation over a period of several years. Transmission of measured values to the control center uses the integrated UMTS modem over the wireless network, with a secured OpenVPN connection or encrypted emails. Communication can be time or event controlled and also individually configured for each process value.