PAUS launched the PScale 8-T, which enables higher performance rates, more sensitive handling, and a safer work environment.

The unit has many safety features. The operator’s cabin outperforms international ROPS/FOPS requirements, the company reported. Available are 3P safety belts, a brake test button, hill-start assistance and a pressurized cabin.

The cabin is equipped with safety glass window and front rock guards. A 35,000-lumen LED light gives excellent visibility, PAUS reported. Available is a range of remote-control options, from conventional radio remote to advanced teleremote technologies.

Other features enable the scaler to attain the optimal performance, the supplier reported. The unit features a high-power-output engine, a 20°-tiltable cabin, and individual parameter adjustment of the hydraulic hammer. Both EU Stage V and Tier 4-Final engines are available.

The PScale 8-T offers high precision. It can be handled precisely with joystick steering to the point where the roof must be scaled. And the operator can do a fast parameterization of the machine to react to changing operating conditions.

The scaler is designed for operation in some of the most forbidding conditions in mining, PAUS reported. It has cylinders with double-lip sealings, a tough boom design, and high-performance central-articulation bearings. The PAUS Diagnostic Display gives maintenance intervals and helps the operator in troubleshooting, the supplier reported. Machine monitoring data can be used to detect trends and for maintenance planning.