McElroy’s MegaMc pipe stands are self-contained, gasoline-powered units that eliminate the need for heavy machinery to hold pipe in place during large-diameter pipelining jobs. Two models are available: the 36- to 65-in. (900–1,600 mm) model accommodates pipes up to 16,000 lb (7,257 kg), while an 8- to 36-in. (225–900 mm) model handles pipe up to 9,000 lb (4,082 kg). The MegaMc pipe stands offer 24 in. of lateral movement and 34 in. of vertical adjustability. This freedom of movement allows the operator to maneuver a length of pipe to the height of a thermoplastic pipe fusion machine. The units are designed to hold a set height after the operator turns the hydraulic power unit off. Since the unit is self-contained, there are no hydraulic hoses to trip over. Rugged rollers with low-friction pillow block bearings allow the pipe to move easily. The stands can be stacked for storage or shipping and are moveable with a forklift or crane.