Climax Portable Machine Tools offers a line of portable boring and welding machines for on-site, field machining on many types of mining equipment. These machines are specially designed to bore and weld simultaneously, significantly decreasing machining and weld time. The tools can machine bores in tractor frames, lifting mechanisms, bridge pieces, attachments, and other types of heavy equipment.

The Climax BB5000 boring bar, as an example, is a compact, flexible line boring machine that installs in 30 minutes, and is claimed to provide more torque than any comparable tool. It can also do facing, grooving, spade drilling, threading and trepanning, with boring diameters from 1.375–24 in. (35 to 610 mm). The automated on-site welders interface with the boring machine system, enabling one setup for both items. Climax tools are available for sale or rent, and two-day intensive training programs are available to ensure employees are properly trained in their use.