The Meyco Global Underground Construction business of BASF has introduced a new, elastic polymer-based thin spray-on liner (TSL) for protection against weathering of soil and rock. Meyco says its TSL 865 thin spray-on liner offers excellent bond to concrete, rock and coal, providing reinforcement and stabilization for a variety of underground applications. The liner is mixed with water in the spraying nozzle, hitting the substrate as a paste and setting within five to 10 minutes, tack free. The product will generate tensile and bond strength over the subsequent hours, days and weeks. Combined with its high elasticity, the liner is claimed to substantially improve ground stability and stand-up time while providing important safety benefits. The spray-on liner may also be used for rock reinforcement in preliminary slope protection, binding the surface before the area is ready for sprayed concrete. According to the company, it can protect against hard rock strain bursting, reduce air-slaking and rock weathering, rehabilitate collapsed areas, and otherwise help maintain the integrity of the mine.