Fomo Products has updated its Silent Seal product packaging to aid with product use and functionality. Silent Seal is a mine ventilation sealant that expands and seals in seconds to quickly and efficiently seal, insulate, fill, coat and sound dampen in many areas above or underground.

According to the company, Silent Seal adheres to coal, steel, concrete, wood and most other substrates. A patented Handi-Gun dispensing allows for increased productivity, accurate metering, flow control and reduced waste. Silent Seal is self contained and ready for immediate use. The updated Silent Seal packaging features a high optic yellow color, increasing the product’s underground visibility. The patented packaging was also created for ease of use with the handle secured to the tank collars, allowing the kit to be used and transported, even if the box gets wet or damaged. Fomo says Silent Seal is tested and proven, conforming to and exceeding ASTM E-162 at a flame spread index of less than 25. Silent Seal NA has also been deemed MSHA suitable as an underground mine ventilation sealant (sustainability number MSHA-S10/100, minimum applied thickness 1 in.). Silent Seal SA meets the South Africa Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR Project #BF203-011 5600 5664) flame, smoke and toxicity testing standards. Silent Seal SA has also met LOBA approval.