Sandvik launched the 2711 line of narrow vein drills, which the company described as simple and safe to operate.

The new class of drills provides accurate drilling, high performance, large coverage, enhanced safety, excellent mobility, and smooth tramming, the company reported. Equipped with Sandvik’s Fleet Data Monitoring systems, they are designed to be used with Sandvik’s range of underground drills, loaders and trucks.

The series consists of the DD2711 development drill rig, the DS2711 bolting rig, and the DL2711 and DL2721 long hole production drill rigs.

The DD2711 is a compact and flexible single-boom electro-hydraulic jumbo for mining development and construction in small- and medium-size tunnels with a minimum cross section of 2.7 m by 2.7 m. It is designed for underground hard rock applications that require high capacity and reliability in development blast holes ranging from 3.7 m to 4.3 m in length.

The DS2711 is a one-man-operated electro-hydraulic, fully mechanized bolter for rock reinforcement in underground hard rock mines. The operator works from supported ground while protected under a FOPS-certified canopy structure. It is for small- and medium-size tunnels with minimum cross section of 2.7 m in width by 3 m in height. It is, in effect, a small, premium bolter, Sandvik reported.

Sandvik also released the LS312 flameproof underground loader, with 12-mt capacity and powered by a Tier II, C7.1 mechanical engine. The loader is designed to meet major international safety standards. It offers relative cost savings on consumables, up to 20% diesel fuel savings, and a 15% reduction in service time over predecessor competition, the company reported.

The LS312 can be used with Sandvik’s 57-mt hydraulic assist roof support trailer for relocating longwall equipment.

Separately, Sandvik announced the Rotary Blasthole Drill Selector app. The app provides users with a list of recommended drill rigs based on basic site condition and production requirement information. The app is accessible via desktop or mobile device and can be used as a website or as a mobile app. The app is available from the Sandvik website.