Weir Minerals launched Synertrex IntelliWear, a digital wear monitoring system for spools and hoses in slurry pipelines. The system addresses the increasing demand for optimization and safety, the company said.

The system uses an “intelligent digital sensor integrated into Weir Minerals’ Linatex and Vulco hoses and spools,” the supplier said. A conductive wire in the rubber lining of the hoses activates the sensors to capture the wear level and to indicate how much life is left. An easy-to-use digital traffic light system gives quick visual identification of the condition of the hose or spool.

A central control panel captures information from the sensors in a single location, and a dashboard allows for visualization and analysis of the equipment data via the Synertrex digital platform. The platform can automatically analyze and interpret “large amounts of data,” the supplier said.

Synertrex IntelliWear allows operators to remotely check equipment in critical wear areas, and to perform predictive maintenance. Benefits include reduced unplanned stoppage, which cuts costs and improves safety.