Siemens’ Industry Automation Division announced the launch of the Sitrans LR560, described as the world’s first 78-GHz (W Band) microwave radar level transmitter for solids level measurement. The Sitrans LR560 transmitter is equipped with a newly developed lens-style antenna and uses non-contacting Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar technology. The transmitter emits a narrow 4° beam, and its high frequency enables the product to emit a very short wavelength to provide exceptional signal reflection, even from solids with a steep angle of repose. The high resolution graphical interface guides the user and expedites start-time to less than 1 minute for accurate and reliable level measurement readings without fine-tuning. The Sitrans LR560 is available with HART, PROFIBUS PA, or FOUNDATION Fieldbus protocol. Programming is supported locally with pushbuttons or with an infrared handheld programmer.