TMEIC has developed an improved version of its rugged TMdrive-70 medium voltage, variable frequency drive, used to provide high torque and overload capability to main drives on fans, pumps, compressors, grinding mills and mine hoists.

The new TMdrive-70e2 features lower cost, higher power level, reduced footprint, and enhanced safety features. The IEGT-based drive is water-cooled and designed for operation with induction or synchronous motors. It operates at up to 3,300 Vac, and offers 3-level Pulse Width Modulated output power at levels up to 36,000 kVA. The inverter output frequency is variable from 0 to 75 Hz, (up to 90 Hz with derating) allowing operation with a wide variety of motor designs. The new drive has enhanced safety features meeting IEC 618005-2 (Safety Integration Level 2) and ISO 13849 (Category 3). These requirements are met with independent gate command lockouts via two hardware inputs.