BinMaster's new Flow Detect 2000BinMaster’s new Flow Detect 2000 is a non-intrusive instrument for the detection of solids flow/no flow in bulk flow applications. The Flow Detect 2000 contains the sensing element, power and output connections, and user adjustment controls in a single NEMA 4X enclosure. It uses microwave Doppler technology for highly sensitive motion detection; its high-frequency, low-power microwaves are able to pass through non-metallic materials. This enables the Flow Detect 2000 to “see through” a plastic pipe or the wall of a wooden chute to detect the material inside. A switchable filter incorporated into the signal path of the Doppler output reduces the effect of vibration. This filter also ensures the detection of moderate and fast-flowing materials. The Flow Detect 2000 provides a single analog relay output to communicate flow or no flow status to a programmable logic controller. Both normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) contacts are available. LED indicator lights for power, flow/no flow and fault conditions show the status of the device.