Vortex Valves, a division of Salina Vortex Corp., has introduced a line of K-style straight line diverters. Built with an abrasion-resistant wear liner, these diverters are designed to avoid excessive wear typically associated with traditional bucket diverters.

The Vortex diverter uses durable rubber bucket seals to provide a positive material shutoff at the leading edge of the bucket. These rubber seals avoid abrasion, as the unit’s inlet is designed to divert flow away from the seals. The diverter’s straight-line feature also minimizes abrasion for long-lasting performance. The diverters are also maintainable while the valve is in-line, featuring a removable access panel to allow for quick and easy access to the bucket, inlet and special liners. The complete bucket and seal can also be removed and replaced through the side panel, minimizing downtime. Sizes range from 6 to 18 in. (150 to 450 mm). Vortex diverters also are available in an A-style or can be custom built to suit the application.