The QC #1 MT pre-cleaner from Martin Engineering  is a new cleaning blade for use on vulcanized conveyor belts, and features a special polyurethane blend and tungsten carbide tip to deliver service life claimed to be two to three times longer than conventional urethane blades. Designed to provide excellent cleaning performance immediately, avoiding any break-in period, the pre-cleaner is designed to maintain consistent tension without frequent adjustment, requiring re-tensioning just twice a year in most applications.

This pre-cleaner, according to the supplier, was developed specifically for vulcanized belts with no mechanical splices, and can be used at belt speeds up to 900 ft/min (4.6 m/sec). The heavy-duty blade is well suited for wet, sticky material applications, and there is no limitation to the type of material on which it can be used.

The new model uses the same mounting dimensions and tensioning pressures as the company’s popular QC #1 heavy-duty pre-cleaner. Utilizing both spring and twist tensioners, the QC #1 MT fits both one- and three-piece mainframes. To introduce product back into the product flow, the QC #1 MT is installed on the face of the head pulley. On a dual cleaner system, the pre-cleaner is installed immediately in front of the secondary cleaner.