Martin Engineering reported the re-engineered V-Plow HD is lighter and offers improved safety and convenience. The heaviest component was reduced in weight by 48% and the widest component was reduced in width by roughly 54%.

The reduction in size makes the unit easy to ship and handle, the supplier said. The unit fits most local delivery trucks and can be hand-delivered to the site of assembly or installation.

Engineered for belts as wide as 3,048 mm with speeds up to 4.6 m/sec, the unit can be assembled in minutes and mounted to hanger bars by clamps or welding. It holds a replaceable 100-mm-wide, 25-mm-thick blade, which provides 50 mm of wear life. Blades are available in nitrile rubber or long-wearing urethane, and can be chemical resistant or designed for high-temperature applications.

Using a hinge system, the V-Plow HD hovers over the return side of the conveyor belt, deflecting any fugitive debris.