GHH launched 10-person and six-person electric carrier conversion kits for flatbed Toyota trucks. The kits convert the trucks into Tembo 4 x 4 e-LV personnel carriers that offer strength that surpasses that of the original bed, and the toughness and flexibility required for mine site applications, GHH reported.

The carriers are equipped with a 65-kW electric motor, a 1:3 transmission, and a battery designed for 8,000 charging cycles. They can go 200 km on a 72 kW-hour (h) battery pack. Top speed is 80 km/h. The carriers can climb gradients of up to 45°.

The batteries charge to 80% in less than three hours. With a three-phase charger, the time decreases to an hour. Aside from the supplied charging cable wall box, no external infrastructure is required.

Heat and air conditioning come standard.