SKF hand-held infrared-thermometerSKF has launched the SKF TKTL 40, a portable, lightweight, multifunctional instrument for measuring temperatures from a distance. The device, according to the company, is the only infrared thermometer in its class that can take photos and videos showing the temperatures measured, enabling engineers to measure surface temperatures with greater ease and safety. The SKF TKTL 40 can measure and display several environmental properties simultaneously, which can then be stored, recalled and exported to a computer. It allows accurate temperature readings of very small areas, even at long measuring distances, and with its standard-equipment probe allows temperatures to be simultaneously measured by direct contact and infrared. The thermometer is equipped with a back-lit display, dual laser sighting, a K-type probe connection and an LED illuminator, allowing the subject to be seen even in dim environments. A data logging function can be used to visualize temperature changes over time. Users can select high and low alarm levels with audible warning signals.