Superior Industries, Inc., debuted two new tracked conveyor models, the 75-ft tracked stacker and an 8-by-16-ft tracked feed hopper. At 34,000 pounds, the stacker will be one of the heaviest models available in its class. It is capable of handling up to 907 mt per hour (mt/h), while hydraulic power controls the tracks, folds, and discharge height. Cross-bracing designed and built into the undercarriage ensures structural rigidity and stable track travel. The feed hopper processes up to 725 mt/h from an 8-yard3, reinforced hopper. A bi-directionally dumping grizzly is equipped with adjustable grizzly bars and can be tilted at one of five preset angles. The hopper’s drive and backstop are hydraulically-controlled. Both the stacker and the feed hopper are equipped with Superior conveyor components.
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