Boart Longyear announced the DriftMaster series of top hammer rods and bits, with a unique thread profile designed for added endurance and strength. Field test results exceeded expectations, according to company leadership. The rods and bits offer a tapered profile for an increased material cross-section at the base of the threads. Asymmetrical thread geometry minimizes stress concentrations. The lower stress combined with deep case hardening allows for a significant increase in cyclic load handling capability, the company reported. The thread geometry combined with carburizing heat treatment offers increased wear resistance. To further improve productivity, the tapered thread profile provides superior rod-bit makeup and breakout characteristics for more drilling time, the company reported. DriftMaster is available in 35 mm hex cross-sections for use with standard, Retrac, and Straightrac button bits from 43 mm-64 mm. The initial offering includes dome and pilot reamers.
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