Geoscientific Mineral Resources, the trading arm of the Center for Advanced Satellite and Mineral Exploration Technology located near Kimberley, South Africa, has developed a set of geological packages designed to provide an all-encompassing geological desktop study of any area in the world. They can be used for locality detection of mineral resources. The delivered packages focus on the client’s area of interest and their cost is based on the package’s total surface area. There are two types of package, archive data and new collection data, in either 1-m resolution (Ikonos) or the 500-mm resolution Geoeye version. The packages each contain four different digital images (three Ikonos or Geoeye plus one Landsat7 ETM or Aster), an array of A1 printed images in various band combinations, a spectral analysis, an Aster digital elevation model with contour production, custom geological and topographic maps and geological and spectral analysis reports on the target area.