T&B Fittings nonmetallic expansion/deflection couplingThe new T&B Fittings nonmetallic expansion/deflection coupling from Thomas & Betts is claimed to improve safety and reduce installation time for joining rigid polyvinylchloride (PVC) conduit that is subject to movement in any direction at structural joints.

According to the vendor, its design makes the coupling up to five times faster to install, while its versatility enables a five-to-one reduction in stock keeping units (SKUs). The coupling provides a flexible connection of PVC conduit runs that resists moisture ingress and stress caused by movement at structural joints.

It safely accommodates axial or parallel deflection of up to ¾ in., and angular deflection up to 30° from the relaxed position. It can be used indoors or outdoors, for direct burial or embedded in concrete. Additional features include a flexible, neoprene outer jacket with tamperproof stainless steel straps for resistance to moisture and corrosion, and an inner sleeve to provide a constant and smooth inner diameter in any position to facilitate wire pulling and prevent damage to wire insulation.