Wenco International Mining Systems recently introduced PitNav and Fleet Awareness

Wenco International Mining Systems recently introduced PitNav and Fleet Awareness, two new navigation and awareness applications for surface mining operations. PitNav is a visual GPS navigation system for mine truck fleets incorporating turn-by-turn directions, speed monitoring, haul cycle, and production information. PitNav displays navigation information using route segment and zone location data direct from the mine plan. On-screen direction and distance turn indicators provide advance notification to operators of upcoming direction changes. Should an operator deviate from the intended route, PitNav will automatically calculate an alternate route to get the truck back on course. Fleet Awareness, an optional add-on for PitNav, adds an extra layer of safety to map and route information by tracking and displaying the movements of other Wenco-equipped units in the mine. Fleet Awareness not only displays the position of other equipment, but also the activity and direction of that equipment, letting the operator quickly know where the oncoming units are located. With adjustable proximity zones and configurable audio and visual warnings, mines can determine how and when operators are alerted to other equipped units or identified hazards.