Filtra Systems’ STiR industrial water filter is an automatic back-washable media filter featuring patented fluidization technology which is claimed to significantly improve filter performance compared with sand, anthracite and carbon media filters. Utilizing a proven eco-friendly media, the STiR filter can regenerate the media throughout the 20-year life of the product while producing the smallest backwash volume of any competing technology, according to the supplier. The permanent media is inexpensive, renewable and chemically inert. This downflow media filter is capable of removing suspended solids from water streams, with the added benefit of also being able to remove oils. Under normal operating conditions, STiR filters are claimed to remove 95%–99% of suspended solids (>1 micron in size) and 90%–99% of insoluble hydrocarbons, without the use of water treatment chemicals. Systems are sized to fit the needs of the customer, with 14 models currently available. Single filtration units can process 50 to 6,500 gpm, depending on the application. Units are pre-assembled at the factory and shipped to the site, skid mounted and ready for installation.