AndritzANDRITZ introduced the ME2500 filter press, completing the A4F and SE series filter press line. The line features the highest efficiency, durability, and operating safety, the supplier reported.

The ME2500 is engineered for fast processing of tailings or mining concentrates like iron, copper, lead or zinc. It has an hourly capacity of up to 450 kg/m2 and a filtration area of up to 840 m2. It features chained plates for the fastest filter cake discharge, enables the highest throughputs without compromising on safety, and saves water, ANDRITZ said.

The closure system replaces hydraulic components with electrical ones, reduces cycle times, and increases capacity and operating availability, the supplier said. Having more electrical components reduces the amount of hydraulic oil used, and improves safety through precise control and less reliance on high-pressure lines.

The ME2500 can be controlled by the Metris addIQ system, which supports smart sensors, data analytics, and augmented reality.

The filter press is upgradeable, with a modular design for customized process solutions.