Invensys Operations Management, a global provider of technology systems, software solutions and consulting services, has released the next evolution of its InFusion Enterprise Control System (ECS). According to the company, InFusion ECS 2.0 features new software platform updates; superior integration with Foxboro I/A Series distributed control system and SCADA hardware and software offerings; open integration with virtually any other automation or information system; and enhanced platform integration with the latest advanced applications.

Introduced in 2006, InFusion ECS utilizes open, industry standards-based ArchestrA technology that unites process and production control with business operations control. The system provides functional object templates for a broad range of control applications that work within a single development and management environment. Invensys claims InFusion ECS can help save significant time, effort and money by improving the ability to view and synchronize information from multiple systems and applications; improving collaboration, execution and operations management across a variety of functions within the enterprise; and improving the ability to create and replicate solutions across the enterprise.