Carlson Software showcased its Laser Measurement Devices (LMD) product line and its mine design software at the 2021 American Exploration & Mining Association conference in Reno, Nevada.

The LMD line includes the Carlson Cavity Auto-Scanning Laser System for use in unreachable or inaccessible applications. Deployed into a void through a narrow borehole, the system gives 360° scans. The data can be viewed
in near-real-time using the accompanying software.

The line also includes the Void Scanner+, which uses time-of-flight laser measurements to map the shape, position and spatial locations of voids. It also includes the Boretrak2, a borehole measurement system with an internal gyro for use at any inclination. Used in quality control prior to loading and blasting, it reduces unpredictability and the risk of flyrock, Carlson reported.

The software includes Carlson Geology, Carlson Underground Mining and Surface Mining for planning, drafting and simulation. The solutions help change the unknown into the known, Carlson said.