Sirius Integrator is offering a new off-grid, remote power configuration that utilizes fuel cell, solar and micro wind turbine hybrid battery-charging components to keep devices such as cameras, sensors and detectors operating for long periods in harsh outdoor environments.

The SiriusTri-Power Stand can optionally mount up to two Forgen 30W micro wind turbines, two 80W hard solar panels, an EFOY Pro SiriusPower enclosure (with two 90W fuel cells), and up to 120W of semi-flexible solar power plastic mounted on the enclosure. The Tri-power stand raises the enclosure off the ground by 25 in. (635 mm) so its vents are not blocked by snow in the winter. Cameras, sensors or communications equipment can be mounted on either of the unit’s 8-ft (2.4-m) guy-wired poles. The company’s Very Cold EFOY Pro enclosures are claimed to allow the fuel cell to operate in temperatures down to -50°C.