TERRATEC announced the completion of factory acceptance testing on a custom TR3000 Raise Boring Machine. The unit has a nominal boring size of 3 meters (m) in diameter and 400 m in depth and has a standard pilot hole diameter of 311 mm, the company reported. It has a maximum pilot drilling torque of 78,000 newton meters (Nm), reaming torque of up to 237,000 Nm and breakout to 266,000 Nm. The maximum down thrust force is 1,600 kilonewtons (kN) with up thrust being 4,500 kN. The total installed power on the machine is 360 kW. The unit also has a modular design, the company reported, which makes disassembly of the major components (for inspection, transport or repair) very easy to achieve. Custom features include an upgraded proprietary gearbox design, which allows for some flexibility in alignment when raise boring and adding drill pipe, and powered wrenching at the drive-head and work-table to make adding and removing drill strings a safer operation, the company reported.
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