Stafford Manufacturing Corp. has introduced a standard line of rigid shaft coupling adapters that can be modified by the factory or end-user to match their own requirements for solving a wide range of shaft mating problems. Stafford rigid coupling adapters feature a standard clamp-type female end that attaches to an existing shaft and a male output shaft. Both ends are machineable by the factory or end-user to match customer requirements, and are available in bore sizes up to 8 in. I.D. (20.3 cm), with shafts up to 8 in. O.D., and lengths up to 4 ft (1.2 m), depending upon bore size. Available in steel with a black oxide finish, stainless steel and aluminum, the adapters can be supplied with keyways and other I.D. modifications to the clamping end and the output shafts can be produced in threaded, tapered, keyed, and hex and square configurations.