Diagonal Plow Martin Engineering has designed a family of conveyor tail pulley protection products that are intended to reduce fugitive material entrapment under virtually any belt conditions. The equipment provides consistent blade pressure across the belt plane, producing little wear on the splice, with specific designs for regular- and heavy-duty applications, reversing belts and wing pulleys.

The result is improved conveyor performance, as well as prolonged belt and tail pulley health, reducing maintenance and contributing to a safer work area. To fight the damaging effects of fugitive material on single-direction belts, the Martin Torsion VPlow is engineered with a unique spring-loaded suspension system that allows the plow to rise and fall with fluctuations in belt tension and travel. Attached with dual steel crossbars bolted to the conveyor frame a few feet from the tail pulley, the unit is secured by two heavy-duty safety cords. Three torsion arms system adjust independently, maintaining consistent pressure for effective cleaning in all stages of blade wear.

For less extreme service environments, the Martin VPlow HD offers an economical solution designed for medium- to heavy-duty applications, featuring a durable 60 Shore A durometer nitrile rubber blade that delivers 2 in. (5 cm) of wear life. The unit is suitable for non-reversing belt speeds as high as 900 fpm (4.6 m/sec). For conveyor systems running at faster speeds or carrying heavy loads, the Martin VPlow XHD protects non-reversing standard tail pulleys even at belt speeds exceeding 1,000 fpm (5.08 m/sec). Its 1.25-in. (3.18-cm) thick urethane side blades deliver 3 in. (7.62 cm) of wear.

The Martin Durt Dozer plow is designed to handle standard tail pulleys or wing pulleys on single-direction belts. It sits across the belt at a 45° angle and uses its curved blade to remove fugitive material from the inside surface of belts traveling at speeds up to 700 fpm (3.5 m/sec). The company offers 11 different sizes to accommodate single-direction belts from 18 in. (45.7 cm) to 96 in. (243.5 cm) wide.