Hexagon released HxGN MineProtect Collision Avoidance System 10 (CAS 10), the newest version of a system currently used in more than 50,000 vehicles at mines worldwide to protect drivers and equipment with 360° operator awareness. CAS 10 features new hardware that offers more functionality, but with fewer parts, the company said.

The system has a new smart antenna that “embodies sensor integration” and a new 5-in. LCD screen, Hexagon said.

The antennae supports GPS, RF, Wi-Fi, LTE, Ultra-Wide Band Time-of-Flight technology. “This allows multiple Hexagon solutions to share one antenna, reducing the cost of ownership while facilitating maintenance,” Hexagon said.

Smart antenna data can be shared by fleet management solution, MineProtect Operator Alertness System (OAS).

The CAS 10 LCD screen has touch capability, high brightness, high-volume speakers made for the mining environment, and a completely new UI/UX design focusing on operator experience, Hexagon said. Easier to install and use relative to predecessor screens, it will help the operator make better decisions in traffic.

In its simplest form, CAS 10 can be a standalone solution. It can also be integrated with other Hexagon systems for an enterprise solution “to transform safety data into actionable intelligence, backed by a proven change management methodology to ensure a meaningful safety culture prevails,” Hexagon said. It is the “ideal platform” to help mines to introduce autonomous solutions by “safely assisting the interactions between human drivers and autonomous vehicles.”